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    Stylos Tech Warranty

    It gives you total security.

    Total coverage

    The Stylos warranty gives you full coverage for 1 YEAR to the components of our products. We have complete spare parts and our technical staff has a high degree of experience to guarantee results.

    Technical support

    Stylos has technical support and customer service. We attend to any of your questions regarding the brand’s products during office hours from Monday to Friday, via Email, Social Networks, Telephone and at Authorized Stylos Service Centers.

    Manufacturing defects

    Warranty Stylos supports you against factory defects of hardware and software in products and accessories, any questions and / or comments call, our Technicians are happy to assist you, listen to you and help you solve the present problem.

    Stylos Tech appreciates your trust and in response to your preference is the only brand in its field that guarantees total satisfaction in each of its products, in all its components for 1 year, counted from the date of purchase verifiable with the note , invoice or the dealer’s stamp with delivery date on the policy. The OS TECH Guarantee is against any manufacturing and functional defect during normal use of the product.

    * Restrictions apply.


    The policy included only covers Stylos Tech brand products, marketed through its authorized distributors within the Mexican Republic.

    To make the warranty effective, it will be necessary to present the original policy, purchase note or invoice and the product at any of the Authorized Stylos Warranty Centers.

    If you wish, for any clarification you can communicate by calling +52 (33) 3121-1123, with the Customer Service and Technical Support departments, who are there to assist you from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Central Mexico time).

    If the product is within the warranty period, Stylos Tech undertakes to repair and / or replace defective parts and components thereof, at no cost to the owner. If in the opinion of Stylos Tech, the repair is not possible, it will be exchanged for a new product of the same or similar model from the Stylos Tech brand (if the model is not on the market).

    The repair time will not exceed ten business days from the date of receipt of the product by Stylos tech or at the Authorized Warranty Center.

    It will not be valid in the following cases

    To clarify your doubts, contact us.

    Due to damages caused by the user such as blows, signs of humidity or others that in the appearance of the product indicate that it has been used in conditions other than common.

    When the product has been altered and / or repaired by persons not authorized by the Stylos Tech brand.

    When the product has not been operated in accordance with the accompanying instructions for use, causing damage to the software.

    If the product carried out any modification in the original software pre-installed by the Stylos tech brand.

    Repair service

    Stylos tech puts at your disposal the Repair Service of any applicable electronic product, said repair generates a cost depending on the present problem.

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